Custom Designed Graphics for your business or personal use. No matter what your project is... No matter how BIG or how small, my work is I have always had a passion for creating and designing.  Over the past few years friends  and co-workers have asked me to make a number of different items for them....signs, cards, postcards, posters, gift certificates, business cards, logo’s, flyers, wedding and graduation invitations and  photo DVD montages.  Every  single time  I was reply was always “YES!  I’d Love To!”  I love the challenge of creating something new that will be very special to someone.  So that is how ‘Beth by Design Keepsake Collections’ came to be.  Most of my work is personalized so it will be a cherished momento of a very special time or occasion.  I would love to design something for you or your business.   Whether it will be a gift for someone else, or something special for you,  I hope it will be treasured forever. The only boundries are our imaginations!
I am really looking forward to designing something fantastic for You!
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